Trackspeed Sport Rear Adapter Bracket

$119.00 - $161.00

This adapter bracket relocates your factory 1.8L-sized rear caliper (1994-2002 non-Sport) for use with factory Miata Sport-sized rear brake rotors. This is the most economical way to increase rear braking power on your Mazda Miata.

  • Larger 10.9" Sport rear rotor adds thermal capacity over the factory 9.9" 1.8L rear rotor
  • Larger rotor adds more rear brake bias for better brake balance when using our 11.75" Big Brake Kit
  • Retains the 1.8L pad shape (better pad selection than the less common Sport rear bracket)

Kit includes two brackets, one for each side (left/right), and 8 new bolts and spacer washers. 

Order a pair of Centric Brake Rotors at the same time for an additional $42. (normally $60, discount not available with separate orders)