Supermiata Qmax Coolant Reroute


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Supermiata's Qmax coolant reroute greatly improves cooling system efficiency and reduces coolant temps. We recommend it for all applications. 

In order to fit the Protege's B6/BP engine into the Miata, Mazda changed the coolant routing from the original Protege rear-exit design to a front-exit design for packaging reasons. This compromise substantially increases coolant temperatures in the Miata and contributes to poor cooling system performance. Supermiata's Qmax reroute returns the system routing to the original Protege configuration, improving system performance and reducing coolant temps. 

  • Optimized internal machining maximizes coolant velocity through the rear housing
  • High-flow Stant Superstat is integrated into rear housing (no external thermostat housing)
  • OEM coolant temp sensor location is maintained (no need to extend harness!)
  • Spare 1/8" NPT ports provide a location for aftermarket sensors 
  • Integrated bleed port allows complete system bleeding on level ground
  • All stainless hardware
  • EGR compatible