Trackspeed Dual Core Race Radiator

$599.00 - $619.00

Please note that Will-Call services are not available on our radiators.  

  • 76mm overall thickness - twin 1" crossflow cores 
  • triple-pass, dual-core design provides significantly improved cooling over comparable radiators
  • brazed core construction
  • A/C and power steering compatible
  • oversized radiator cap for fast coolant swaps on track cars
  • radiator cap equipped with sacrificial anode to prevent core damage due to electrolysis
  • equipped with fan mounts for a single OEM cooling fan (A/C fan delete required)
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

This radiator has been designed and tested to keep Mazda Miatas cool, regardless of the application. Whether it's a Spec Miata in a draft or a monster-power turbo car with a monster-sized intercooler blocking radiator flow, this radiator has been tested and proven to maintain safe cooling temps in all conditions. If you are trying to maintain low coolant temps in your Spec Miata to maximize power, or if you are trying to keep your A/C-equipped turbo street car cool on the racetrack, this radiator is up to the task. 

For applications without A/C, a single radiator fan is adequate to keep the car cool in traffic. For users with A/C, we recommend replacing both fans with a single 13" SPAL low-profile curved blade fan. Wire both factory fan relays in parallel to power the larger SPAL fan. The single SPAL fan will draw more air than both of the factory fans together.