10, 16, and 25-row cores
Includes 10ft of -10AN line as well.

Trackspeed Oil Cooler Kit

$310.00 - $475.00
Core Size:

Oil coolers are an important addition to any car that sees track time. As oil gets hot, it loses viscosity and becomes less effective at supporting the loads placed on the bearings by the crankshaft and rods. Get it too hot and you scuff a bearing and things go downhill quickly (spun/seized bearings, broken rods, holes in blocks, tears). True high-end synthetic racing oils (Amsoil, Joe Gibbs, etc. – not Redline or anything you can buy at an auto parts store) are generally better at resisting this high-temperature degradation, but even they have their limits. Stock Miatas can exceed 300*F oil temps in hot weather, and no oil will tolerate that kind of temperature. Even if you are racing a stock-powered car, you likely need an oil cooler. 

The ideal mounting location for an oil cooler will vary depending on application. A naturally aspirated track car will put the cooler directly in front of the radiator, while a turbocharged car with A/C may need to be quite a bit more creative with cooler mounting and location. This DIY oil cooler kit contains everything you need to install a high-quality oil cooler in your Mazda Miata, but allows you to decide exactly where to mount the cooler to optimize the install for your own specific application. 
10-row cores are suggested for street applications in warm climates or light track duty. 
16-row cores are suggested for extreme naturally aspirated track applications or standard forced induction track cars. 
25-row cores are suggested for extreme forced induction applications. 
When in doubt, pick the larger size. 
Includes the following: 
  • Mocal sandwich plate with 205*F thermostat 
  • Setrab sandwich plate adapters + seals 
  • Setrab -10AN hose fittings (4) 
  • Setrab -10AN lightweight nylon braided hose (10ft) 
  • Setrab rubber-isolated cooler mounting bracket 
  • Setrab 600-series 16-row oil cooler core 
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