M-Tuned Coolant Reroute System

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Application note: The "90-93 1.6L" reroute includes an M16x1.5 fan thermoswitch port. The 1.8L reroute does not include this port. If you need to retain the OEM 90-93 thermoswitch, use the 1.6L reroute. If you are controlling your fans with an aftermarket ECU or other controller, you can use the "94-05 1.8L" reroute on any 1.6L or 1.8L engine. 

2001-2005 owners, please see the note at the bottom of the page. 

M-Tuned's Coolant Reroute Kit returns the Mazda Miata's coolant routing to its original FWD configuration. Packaging constraints in the Miata required Mazda to compromise the cooling system's effectiveness by bringing coolant from the front of the engine directly to the radiator. This compromise starves cylinder #4 of fresh coolant and creates a coolant temperature imbalance. 

M-Tuned's reroute kit eliminates this compromise. By adding a CNC-machined rear housing in place of the factory coolant neck, the coolant is routed through the entire engine before returning to the radiator through a silicone hose. This is achieved without the use of bulky, awkward spacers or major rerouting of the heater core lines. Using a reroute ensures that the entire engine sees fresh coolant, which improves reliability and longevity in several areas. Using a reroute will also lower coolant temps slightly. 

There are several reroutes on the market today, but the M-Tuned solution stands far above its competition. Trackspeed Engineering only recommends M-Tuned reroutes. 

Use of a coolant reroute is recommended for all cars that see track duty, or any forced induction car. It is highly recommended for forced induction cars that see track duty. 

2001-2005 owners: Mazda altered the head gasket design starting in 2001 in an attempt to alleviate the imbalance of coolant temperature within the engine. As a result, reroutes are not necessary when using 2001-2005 engines. If the engine is rebuilt or the head gasket is changed, we do recommend switching to the earlier 1994-2000 head gasket (Mazda p/n BP26-10-271) and using the M-Tuned reroute. The early head gasket+reroute solution is superior to Mazda's own attempt at solving this issue. The standard head gasket in the Trackspeed Engineering Built Motor is a "BP26" 1994-2000 gasket.