ACT 1.6L Clutch Kit

$372.00 - $490.00
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ACT's clutches offer excellent power holding ability and legendary reliability. They are an excellent option for a wide variety of Mazda Miata projects. The 1.6L clutch can be used on any 1.6L/1.8L using a 1.6L flywheel. It will rev faster than a comparable 1.8L clutch, so we recommend the 1.6L size for all naturally-aspirated builds.

Torque Capacity:

  • HD Street: 195lb.ft
  • HD 6-puck: 250lb.ft
  • XT Street: 270lb.ft
  • XT 6-puck: 350lb.ft

Pressure Plate:

  • The ACT HD pressure plate is ideal for a naturally aspirated or low-boost forced induction setup. The pedal pressure is slightly stiffer than stock, but still 100% streetable. If you are looking for a stock-replacement clutch, the HD is an excellent option. 
  • The ACT XT pressure plate has a substantially heavier pedal than the ACT HD or the stock pressure plate, but it is still manageable. The XT/Street combo is more streetable than the HD/6-puck combo. 

Clutch disc:

  • The full-face Street disc modulates like a factory clutch disc and is ideal for street applications. 
  • The 6-puck sprung disc holds more power than the Street disc, but it engages more harshly. 

All ACT clutch kits include: 

  • ACT pressure plate
  • ACT clutch disc
  • pilot bearing
  • throwout bearing
  • clutch alignment tool
  • high-temperature spline grease