Trackspeed Built Engines

$2,800.00 - $6,780.00
Core Charge:
Valve Springs:
Harmonic Damper:

If you’re looking to exceed the limits of your stock longblock with a Trackspeed EFR or other turbocharger or supercharger system, you’ll need a strong motor to handle the power. Trackspeed has been building super-strong shortblocks and longblocks for high-horsepower Miatas for close to a decade, and we can build you one as well. We specialize in 1.8L BPs, so unlike your local machine shop, we know how to make these motors strong, quiet, and long-lasting.

Our Stage 1 motor uses forged rods and a high-flow OEM oil pump to provide a cost-effective motor package that will act exactly like a stock engine does. 300whp/300wtq/7600rpm max limits.

Our Stage 2 motor adds forged pistons and a billet oil pump to provide a super-strong base for high-horsepower turbocharger and supercharger builds. 500whp/500wtq/8200rpm maximum limits

Need something custom? Porting or valvetrain upgrades? 2-liter N/A builds? Sleeves? Billet crank? Contact us for details.

Core Charge

  • Most of our engine builds start with BP4W (99-00) or BP6D (01-05) engines. We do not build 1.6L engines. Prices are based upon scarcity. You will need to provide a serviceable core, or you may elect to have us purchase a serviceable core for you. We do not accept disassembled cores. We do not accept cores on return - the core charge you pay here is nonrefundable. 

Longblock vs. Shortblock

  • A "Longblock" consists of a complete, assembled engine, including an oil pan, cylinder head, valve cover, and timing accessories (timing belt, water pump, harmonic damper). You will add your own manifolds, coolant hoses, accessories, and coils. 
  • A "Shortblock" consists of an assembled rotating assembly (pistons/rods/crankshaft/bearings), an oil pump, and an oil pan. You will provide your own cylinder head/head bolts and timing accessories. 

Valve Springs

  • We recommend upgrading to Supertech Heavy Doubles for all builds over 15psi of boost or any car that will see sustained high RPM use (any competition car). 

Harmonic Damper

  • We do not install used OEM dampers
  • We strongly recommend Fluidampr's aftermarket harmonic damper for any built engine