Trackspeed Custom Built Engines

$3,299.00 - $9,923.00
Core Charge:
Rod Option:
Cylinder Head:
Valve Springs:
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Harmonic Damper:

Are you looking to exceed the limits of the stock engine? Are you looking to break the 250whp barrier with a turbocharger or supercharger? Are you looking to build a high-horsepower naturally aspirated engine? Trackspeed can build a custom engine tailored to your exact application. 

Our standard longblock is oriented towards forced induction use. It includes forged pistons, forged rods, upgraded bearings and hardware, an upgraded oil pump, and a reconditioned cylinder head. It operates and acts exactly like a stock engine, but it is capable of withstanding up to 500whp from a turbocharger or supercharger. 

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing an engine. We can help you navigate through the myriad of options to ensure you get an engine that is well-suited to your specific application. 

Core Charge

  • Most of our engine builds start with BP4W (99-00) or BP6D (01-05) engines. We do not build 1.6L engines. Prices are based upon scarcity. You will need to provide a serviceable core, or you may elect to have us purchase a serviceable core for you. We do not accept cores on return - the core charge you pay here is nonrefundable. 

Longblock vs. Shortblock

  • A "Longblock" consists of a complete, assembled engine, including an oil pan, cylinder head, valve cover, and timing accessories (timing belt, water pump, harmonic damper). You will add your own manifolds, coolant hoses, accessories, and coils. 
  • A "Shortblock" consists of an assembled rotating assembly (pistons/rods/crankshaft/bearings), an oil pump, and an oil pan. You will provide your own cylinder head/head bolts and timing accessories. 

Harmonic Damper Options

  • SuperMiata harmonic dampers are designed to tolerate the additional stress of forced induction or racing. We recommend this upgrade for any engine which will exceed 7400rpm and/or 300whp. 

Connecting Rod Options

  • Our standard connecting rod is Manley's H-Beam. It is an inexpensive, quality item which is suitable for all applications. 
  • Carrillo's A-Beam is a lightweight, high-quality rod suitable for naturally aspirated applications. 
  • Carrillo's H-Beam is a strong, high-quality rod. It is lighter than the Manley H-Beam and stronger than the Carrillo A-beam. 

Cylinder Head Options

  • If you are looking to maximize power, we offer race cylinder porting on BP4W and BP6D cylinder heads. The intake and exhaust ports are reshaped on a CNC mill, and the combustion chamber is fully deshrouded. The valves are replaced with oversized Supertech valves (Inconel exhaust valves are optional). 
  • We offer Supertech valve springs for engines destined for high-RPM use. Use the "Light" double for naturally aspirated applications and the "Heavy" double for extremely high RPM or forced induction use. 
  • We offer Supertech shim-under-bucket lifters for users who are looking to run sustained high RPM (track use) or aftermarket camshafts.