Continental Flex Fuel Sensor


Run your Miata on E85! This Continental Flex Fuel sensor interfaces with our MSLabs MS3 Basic to allow you to use E85 Ethanol without manually switching maps. The sensor measures the ethanol content in your fuel, allowing the MS3 Basic to add the appropriate amount of fuel. 

This item includes the Continential sensor and wiring pigtail. You will need fuel injection adapters to install the sensor. Use Dorman 800-085 (straight) or 800-091 (90deg) adapters. 

Looking for setup help? Just ask! We have direct experience with this sensor and are happy to assist our customers with setting their sensor up. 

  • Installs inline with your current fuel lines (mounting bracket and fittings not included)
  • Provides ethanol content and fuel temperature data to MSLabs MS3 Basic
  • MS3 will compensate for high ethanol content automatically
  • Full table blending enables you to fill up with 100% gas, 100% E98, or anything in between
  • MS3 table blending enabled for:
    • Fuel (VE)
    • Ignition advance
    • AFR Target
    • Warmup Enrichment
    • Afterstart Enrichment
    • Cranking Pulse
    • Acceleration Enrichment
    • Boost Initial Duty
    • Boost Target 
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