Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors (1000/1300cc)

$520.00 - $1,160.00

GENIUNE T1 Race/Injector Dynamics EV14 fuel injectors 

Injector Dynamics fuel injectors are based on current-technology EV14 fuel injectors. These injectors offer an unsurpassed combination of idle quality and performance. The combination of exceptional low-pulsewidth linearity and low injector deadtimes provides exceptional idle quality despite their enormous size. These injectors will idle at 14.7:1, and idle quality will be as good or better than your factory injectors. 

These injectors are ideal for maximum-power gasoline applications or E85-powered applications. 

Universally used and adored across the board, these injectors are simply the best. 

  • Direct bolt-on for all 1990-2005 Mazda Miatas 
  • Includes connector pigtails (PnP connectors available separately)
  • 100% E85 Ethanol compatible 
  • ID1050x is ideal for all gas setups and E85-powered setups up to 400whp
  • ID1300x is ideal for E85-powered setups over 400whp