Trackspeed Coil-On-Plug Kit


1990-1993 with 1.8L swap: Select "1990-1993", then select "1.8L"

Hydra Nemesis owners: You MUST select Sequential

Trackspeed Engineering's Toyota COP kit allows you to retrofit coil packs from a late-model Toyota onto your 1990-2000 Mazda Miata. These Toyota coils are much more powerful than the stock coil packs they replace. They are capable of firing spark plugs gapped to .040" at 17psi, and we have tested these coils at .035" gaps up to 22.5psi with no hesitations. 

These Toyota coil packs also allow 1999-2000 owners to ditch their stock coil packs. The '99-00 coil packs are notoriously unreliable. 

Users of this kit report smoother idle and a smoother running car overall. 

Owners will need to make a few wiring connections at the factory harness, but our harness will connect to the Toyota coils without any wiring. The kit includes color-coded instructions to make this as painless as possible. 

The kit includes the following: 
-Four Toyota Coils (used) 
-Premade wiring harness including OEM Toyota connectors and capacitor to prevent voltage drop 
-Stamped aluminum coil pack bracket including spacers and hardware 
-1990-2000: Color-coded wiring instructions to make the install as painless as possible 

An aftermarket ECU capable of adjustable dwell curves is STRONGLY recommended when using this product. (Megasquirt, AEM, and Hydra all have this capability - other ECU users will need to confirm this with their ECU manufacturer) 

Please allow two weeks for delivery.