MSLabs CAN Wideband Module

$149.00 - $159.00
Add OBD-II Plug:

This module is designed to accept a digital wideband O2 signal and input it via CAN Bus to the MSLabs MS3 Basic. Using the digital output of your wideband is more accurate and relaible than using the standard analog 0-5v output wire. This module is highly recommended for any MS3 Basic user. 

  • Improves closed-loop EGO function by significantly reducing signal noise
  • Eliminates voltage offset caused by inadequate wideband power/ground signals
  • Interprets wideband error signals and outputs 14.7:1 to the ECU, preventing erroneous feedback data caused by sensor failures
  • OBD-II cable allows you to read ECU channels through an OBD-II reader (Scangauge or similar)
  • Compatible with the following widebands:
    • Innovate LC-1
    • Innovate LC-2
    • Innovate MTX-L
    • AEM UEGO
    • AEM Inline UEGO
    • Zeitronix ZT-2
    • Zeitronix ZT-3

The optional OBD-II plug will allow a ScanGauge or other OBDII-compatible device to read real-time data directly from your MS2 or MS3. Items with "**" require a device that will read extended PIDs, such as a ScanGauge-II. 

  • RPM
  • MAP (Manifold Pressure)
  • TPS (Throttle Position)
  • CLT (Coolant Temp)
  • IAT (Intake Air Temp)
  • VSS (MS3 only)
  • Timing Advance
  • AFR**
  • EGO Correction**
  • Barometric Pressure (requires dedicated sensor)**
  • Knock Retard**