Trackspeed Fuel Pump Rewire Kit


Now available exclusively through our dealers


Trackspeed's Fuel Pump Rewire Kit bypasses the factory Miata main and fuel pump relay and provides safe, reliable, high-amperage power to today's high-performance aftermarket fuel pumps.

Unlike all other fuel pump rewire kits, our kit was designed specifically for the Miata. Our rewire harness starts by drawing 12v directly from the battery (street) or master cutoff switch (race). Power is sent through top-quality M22759/32 wire and a 25A fuse to a dedicated 35A relay. From there, pre-pinned wire passes through your OEM gromet and OEM fuel pump connector, a feat made possible by the ultra-thin M22759/32 wire. 100% of the OEM power wire is bypassed for maximum current and maximum safety. 

Having trouble with your factory main relay? Your aftermarket fuel pump is causing it, and this kit is the solution. 

Recommended for all aftermarket fuel pumps (Deatschwerks DW100, DW200, Walbro 190, Walbro 255lph). STRONGLY recommended for all high-flow fuel pumps (AEM 320/340lph, Deatschwerks DW300, Walbro 400lph, DW400, Walbro 525lph).

  • New high-amperage relay and wiring ensures safe, efficient power gets to your high-flow fuel pump
  • M22759/32 Milspec wire allows for safe transfer of up to 25A of current through the factory fuel pump connector
  • Draws power from your battery or master cutoff switch
  • Uses factory connectors (no drilling into your fuel pump hangar)

Our new V2 kit improves compatability for certain car/ECU combinations. Please ensure you use the correct instructions for your kit. If you have a V1 kit installed and working, there is no reason to upgrade. 

Version 1: Blue wire at pin 85

Version 2: Black wire at pin 85

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