Turbosmart EFR Dual-Port Wastegate Actuator


Turbosmart's EFR-specific dual-port actuator allows for much greater levels of boost control precision. While normal single-port actuators can only use boost pressure to open the wastegate, this dual-port actuator (when combined with a Trackspeed 4-port EBC valve) can both open and close the wastegate actively. This results in improved spool-up, less target overshoot, and better high-RPM power.

The Turbosmart EFR actuator includes 7lb Middle and 7lb Outer springs as standard. We recommend removing the middle spring and starting at 7psi for a boost range of 7-21psi. For applications up to 30psi, we recommend adding a 3psi Inner spring for a range of 10-30psi. 

Slight trimming of the hood bracing is required to clear NA and NB hoods.