Flow Force 640cc EV14 Injectors


Flow Force's 640cc Bosch EV14 injector is our go-to choice for pump gas turbocharger and supercharger builds. It's also perfectly suited to naturally aspirated engines using E85. Starting with Bosch's venerable EV14 injector, Flow Force adds Miata-specific adapter seals and hats to ensure a completely plug-and-play fitment. Wiring pigtails are included for a 100% Plug and Play installation! In order to ensure smooth idle and driveability, Flow Force injector sets are matched to +/- 1% at 2ms to mimic idle conditions. This adds up to an injector set which will run flawlessly at idle and at low speed but provide fueling capacity of over 300whp on pump gas. 

This injector is the best option on the market today for users who are looking for a 300whp-capable fuel injector set without paying big bucks for 1000cc or 1300cc units. 


  • Miata-specific hats and seals ensure an easy installation
  • 100% Plug and Play - no wires to splice 
  • Injector sets matched to +/-1% at 2ms (idle conditions)
  • 640cc size will support 300whp+ on pump gas
  • E85-compatible
  • Maximum rail pressure 7.0 bar
  • Unmodified Bosch EV14 injector ensures ideal atomization and spray pattern

Deadtime data for MS3 Basic:

  • 1.12ms @ 13.2v
  • 140.3% @ 11v
  • 120.9% @ 12v
  • 102.9% @ 13v
  • 90.4% @ 14v
  • 80.7% @ 15v
  • 73.8% @ 16v