MSLabs Megasquirt MS3 Basic

Chassis Year:

Direct Fit – plugs into OEM harness with no cutting/splicing needed. Preloaded firmware and basemap.

This product is designed for off-road use only and is not intended for use on emissions-controlled vehicles. 


 MS3 processor

16x16 VE (fuel) and ignition tables

Map-switching support (multiple fuel/ignition tables)

Flex Fuel E85 support (Continental sensor)

EGO Feedback (fuel trim via Wideband O2) with 12x12 AFR target tables
Onboard MAP sensor (supports up to 21psi of boost – external MAP support for more boost)
4 injector outputs, 4 ignition outputs (sequential spark and fuel support)
Closed Loop Idle control (including A/C idle-up)
Electronic boost control (solenoid sold separately) and Overboost Protection
Coolant fan and Condenser fan control
Tachometer output (important for those of you looking to run LS or IGN-1A coils)
VICS/VTCS control
Alternator control for 99-05
Battery light control for 99-05 (alerts to high/low voltage conditions via factory battery light)
VSS input (94-05)
VVT control (including 90-00 with 01-05 cylinder head)
CEL control (configurable via software to alert you to sensor failures)
3 spare programmable outputs (water injection, nitrous, etc.)
4 spare digital inputs
5 spare analog inputs (oil pressure, oil temperature, etc)
Knock module installed as standard (90-97 must add sensor)
RTC module installed as standard, complete with battery (for SD card logging)

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